Where Relationships Get Stuck

Just like the individuals who engage in a relationship, the relationship itself has an identity and life of its own. The fabric of a relationship is made up of the histories, expectations, dreams, and commitments of the individuals who create it together.

The most common misstep in the process of relationship creation and care is when one or both individuals begin to lose their sense of self and mistake the relationship and/or their role in it as who they are. Things become very personal very quickly when this occurs and individual behaviour can become self serving, aggressive, or just plain passive causing everyone involved deep pain and suffering.

We work with individuals and couples so that they can separate themselves from who they think they are in the relationship and re-discover themselves as individuals apart from the relationship. In the process, though there may be painful experiences, unnecessary suffering can end and the focus can move to what are the best choices for everyone involved. This may be a reconciliation, a separation, or a divorce. Whatever the road, by separating with sanity, we can re-engage and choose what kind of relationship we will have from a solid sense of personal values and principles.